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US and European moves to foster pro-active cybersecurity threat collaboration

On our sister "privacy and information law blog" we've just posted a piece on the recently publicised proposals to share cybersecurity threat information within the United States.   In the same piece we also draw analogies with a similar initiative under the EU Cybersecurity Directive aimed at boosting security protections for critical infrastructure and enhancing information sharing around incidents that may impact that infrastructure within the EU.

Both of these mechanisms reflect a fully-formed ambition to see greater cybersecurity across the private sector. Whilst the approaches taken vary, both the EU and US wish to drive similar outcomes. Actors in the market are being asked to “up” their game. Cyber-crimes and cyber-threats are impacting companies financially, operationally and, at times, are having a detrimental impact on individuals and their privacy.

Technology enthusiasts will be interested!

Mark Webber, Partner Palo Alto,

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