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Inclusiveness and diversity advice

Fieldfisher has been supporting organisations on their inclusiveness and diversity (I&D) journeys for several years. Having an inclusive and diverse workforce can have a positive impact on your organisation's performance and culture, and reduce your exposure to the risk of allegations of harassment or discrimination.

How can we help your organisation?

To help you achieve a legally-compliant inclusive workplace culture, our I&D team will:

  • Help you identify your goals and implement them – we understand organisations have different starting points. With this in mind, we can help you evaluate the current status of your organisation; capture and analyse data; set objectives; monitor, assess and review progress; appraise and amend policies and procedures; deal with I&D matters in your supply chain and third party relationships; and carry out investigations and resolve disputes.
  • Be a sounding board – we will help you plan ahead and assess the impact of your I&D initiatives.
  • Upskill and build confidence – we offer a range of webinars, workshops and presentations to assist organisations to manage their I&D programmes effectively. This includes training and materials on how to create an I&D strategy; the role of senior allies; monitoring I&D data; recruitment, retention and advancement; bystander training; developing mentoring programmes; disability in the workplace; sex discrimination, equal pay and harassment; race and work: interrupting bias; dealing with gender identity; protected groups vs intersectionality; and reporting on gender/ethnicity – avoiding the legal pitfalls.