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I have undertaken legal counsel for enterprises from small-medium size to state-owned and listed ones, and have worked closely with outstanding investment bankers, accountants, VCs, PEs, trusts, funds and some professional agents, such as financial advisers, management consultancies, etc.

I have provided legal opinion for Dang(NYSE), Vnet(NASDAQ) towarding their IPO structure, and advised the structure and IPO for Putian Food and Jiujiuwang Food on Hong Kong Sercurities Exchange. I also advised many fund and investing companies for their financing and investing projects or as general legal counsel. I am also general legal counsel for many state-owned companies, including China Education Media and Publishing Group, Oriental Fund, etc. 

I have a BA(Hons) degree of Business Administration and an LL.M degree from universities in the UK.
I am a native Mandarin speaker and I also advice my clients in fluent English.

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