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I have more than 10 years of experience in Business Law and Insolvency Law, having participated very actively in insolvency proceedings, representing both companies and individuals in insolvency proceedings as well as representing creditors. In addition, I have been appointed as an Insolvency Administrator by the Courts during several insolvency proceedings.

I combine my professional career with teaching, as an associate professor at the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences of Complutense University in Madrid. I have also been a presenter for the Master’s Degree in Access to Law at the Escorial-María Cristina Royal University Centre and professor of the Faculty of Social and Legal Sciences at Rey Juan Carlos university. I was also a presenter at the 6th Aranzadi National Congress on Insolvency Law, held in 2019.
The holder of a Doctorate of Business Law from Complutense University of Madrid (Magna Cum Laude unanimously), I am the author of several publications, among which the case study “The Rehabilitation of Financing Contracts” stands out. 

Work Experience:
  • VACIERO, S.L.P, Madrid (October 2018 – March 2021). Business Law and Insolvency Law Partner. Performing the following roles:
 In the field of Insolvency Law: participating very actively in all types of insolvency proceedings. Performing the role of Insolvency Administrator and advising on aspects of both bankruptcy and insolvency.
Representing and defending the interests of the insolvent party (both individual persons and legal entities), creditors (including financial entities such as Caixa Tarragona) and third parties. 
Facilitating, as applicable, the procedure established in Article 5.3. of the LC.
Filing the request for insolvency proceedings, both for legal entities and individual persons. Participating during the qualification portion. Defending with respect to reintegration actions filed under Article 71 of the LC.
Preparing arrangement proposals and feasibility plans.
Advising and formalizing of advance agreement proposals. Monitoring and management for obtaining a favourable vote for proposed agreements by all creditors.
Preparing of provisional and final reports of the Bankruptcy Administration and liquidation reports. Preparing of inventories and lists of creditors. 
Challenges to Bankruptcy Administrator Reports. 
Drafting of all types of reports for clients on various legal issues including the analysis of jurisprudence and doctrine on the issue, among others and offered as examples: on the treatment of loans established subsequent to the judicial approval of the agreement, during the liquidation phase which may follow failure to reach an agreement, on the possibilities of challenging the Bankruptcy Administrator’s report based upon the failure to include the fees of the insolvent party’s attorney, on whether or not the termination of the administrative contract due to declaration of insolvency occurs automatically, on the effects of the termination of the administrative contract due to declaration of insolvency, on the qualification of labour credits, on the effects of a possible declaration of insolvency upon the various existing contracts (contracts for the execution of projects, public works concession contracts, bank contracts of all kinds), assessment of potential liabilities which may be incurred by the insolvent party’s administrative body, etc.
  • ZUBIZARRETA S.L.P, Madrid (May 2016 – October 2018): Person in charge of the Insolvency Department of the Madrid office, holding the position of Bankruptcy Administrator in bankruptcy proceedings for individuals and legal entities. 
  •  Attorney in her own behalf. Specialized in Business Law and Bankruptcy Law since November 2013 - May 2016. 
  • VIA ABOGADOS, S.L.P, Madrid (2001 – 2009). Head of the Business and Insolvency Department. 

 Teaching Experience:

  • September 2018- currently: Associate Professor of the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences at the Complutense University of Madrid, Somosaguas campus. Degree in Business Administration and Management. Subject taught during the first quarter: Corporate Law. Subject given in the second quarter: Economic Law. 
  • Courses: 2016-2017, 2017-2018: Presenter for the University Master's Degree in Access to Law at the Escorial- María Cristina Royal University Centre. Mendel University Superior College. Subject taught: Insolvency Law (Pre-bankruptcy, Declaration of Insolvency, Effects of the insolvency and entities, Assets, Liabilities, Solutions to insolvency, Qualification, Conclusion of Insolvency and Reopening).  
  • September-October 2016: Contracted Professor at the Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences at Rey Juan Carlos University, Fuenlabrada and Vicálvaro Campus. Subject taught: Insolvency Law, Vicálvaro Campus, 4th year of the Bachelor's Degree in Law (Total 12 hours) and Insolvency Law, Fuenlabrada Campus, 4th year of the Bachelor's Degree in Law (Total 12 hours).


  • Doctor, Business Law, Complutense University of Madrid, Magna Cum Laude unanimously. Thesis: “The Rehabilitation of Financing Contracts” directed by Ms Carmen Alonso Ledesma, Professor of Business Law. Reading of the thesis: 17 December 2015.  
  • Diploma in Advanced Studies from UCM in the Doctoral Programme in Market Transformations and Business Law which accredits research sufficiency in the field of understanding of business law (2007). With the qualification of Outstanding.
  • Master’s in Legal Counselling from Instituto de Empresa (2001-2002) with final grade of B+.
  • International Legal Studies. University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law (2001). Courses: International Business Lawyer (taught by Mr. Fernando Pombo García and Mr. Joseph Smallhoover. Note: 7.2) - Introduction to European Union Competition Law (taught by Dr. Thomas Eilmansberger. Note: 6.6).
  • Degree in Law from UCM (1999) with an average final mark of 7.5.
  • Diploma from the University of Kent with Merit qualification (1998-1999).

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