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I graduated in Law maxima cum laude at University of Torino 1974, where I have been researcher from 1974 to 1980.
During the academic year 1996-1997 I have been professor of «Legislazione delle opere pubbliche») within University Diploma of Building Construction at Politecnico di Torino.
In 2004 I published as co-author the book «L’appalto pubblico di lavori».
I have been a member of Register of «Procuratori legali» since 1977; I have been a member of the Turin Bar Association since 1983 and a Supreme Court lawyer since 1991.
I focus my professional activity on the assistance to contracting authorities and companies within the field of works, supply and service contracts, in the public services sector, in the establishment and enforcement of forms of private-public partnership; on the assistance and advice to companies in all the issues that arise within contract enforcement (requests, counter-orders to service orders, etc.) and to the contracting authorities on the same issues; both on extra-judicial and judicial assistance and representation of contracting entities and companies, in settlement agreements and before civil, administrative Courts and arbitrators; on the assistance to the Regional Sections and to the Central Section of Corte dei Conti; on the assistance and representation of companies and contracting authorities in civil and arbitration judgments in civil disputes concerning the execution of public works, supplies and services contracts.
More recently, I acquired specific experience in the field of publicly owned companies, following. them and public partners in the process of investments rationalizations.
On these subjects, I am also invited speaker at conferences and professional training courses.

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