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With the unique education background both in Law and Life Sciences, the combination of my legal skills, scientific knowledge and interpersonal skills enables me to provide excellent service especially on high-profile intellectual property, M&A and corporate-related dispute resolutions and non-litigation legal issues particularly for high-tech enterprises and research institutes.

Having graduated from Fudan University, I have practiced law in several well-known Chinese law firms with rich experience on litigations, served as external legal counsels for several top-500 international enterprises, and provided legal service on designing and negotiating transaction structures and establishment of foreign-funded corporations.

My practice fields have involved IP strategic management and dispute resolution (including but not limited to trademark and patent prosecution, opposition, revocation, administrative litigation; IP infringement investigation, administrative enforcement, civil litigation); Drafting and negotiating IP related contracts (including but not limited to confidentiality agreements, service invention contracts, IP licensing and technology transfer agreements) ; Due diligence in M&A(Especially like IP due diligence).

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