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Spanish Arbitration Observatory 2019-2020. Second edition.

In recent years, arbitration has emerged in Spain as an alternative to resolving disputes generally involving large amounts in any “matter of free disposition” (pursuant to Art. 2 of the Arbitration Act), although with a defined weight in certain sectors, like disputes between companies, disputes related to construction or banking law.

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To determine the health of arbitration in Spain, we have analysed three vectors, namely: the number of awards issued and their average amounts; the number of nullification judgements issued; and problems — if any — related to the exequatur of foreign awards in Spain. In all cases, we have based our findings on data from available public sources. As regards awards, because of their confidential nature, our access has been limited to statistical data provided

This observatory has been launched with continuity in mind, to expand the temporal spectrum and thus become a useful tool — not only to discuss the condition of arbitration in Spain, but also its evolution. The copyright of this study belongs to Jausas Legal y Tributario, SLP.

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