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The Nordics

We have been closely involved in providing a full range of legal services to Nordic-based companies for many years, and see ourselves as part of the Nordic business community abroad.

As a pan-European law firm, we can offer expertise in those key countries where Nordic companies usually initiate their international operations: Germany, the UK and the Netherlands. We offer cutting edge expertise in those offices for our clients who are establishing or expanding their operations abroad. 

Notable highlights: 

  • Setting up businesses outside the Nordics area and advising on all aspects of legal requirements to carry on business, such as preferred corporate structure, IP rights, employment and privacy/data protection issues.
  • Helping companies which wish to enter into joint ventures.
  • Representing companies which are involved in inward and outward investment and financing to or from the Nordic region.
  • Providing strategic real estate development advice to companies buying and investing in real estate outside the Nordic region.
  • Representing Nordic companies in arbitration and state court litigation.
  • Bringing and defending claims for damages arising as a result of EU cartels.