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Legal Tech & Support Solutions

Risk & Compliance consulting can cause considerable costs in an emergency. To avoid this, we provide tailor-made, appropriate and as cost-efficient advice as possible. In addition, we reduce costs through the very significant use of Legal Tech and Support Solutions, on which we base our highly specialized services.

Built From the Individually Designed Modular System

Legal Tech captures the intelligent use of IT to cost-effectively automate or support legal work. We use Legal Tech effectively with the help of highly specialized technical service providers to bring together the best of technology and law.

Legal Tech's capabilities have long since outgrown the scope of IT-supported due diligence investigations. Compliance management systems already benefit greatly from new technical developments with whistleblowing platforms or training and e-learning opportunities. Also the communication with legal advisors is already digitizable, be it with data rooms, encryption systems or access possibilities to electronic files. 

Especially in the field of IT forensics, Legal Tech can provide services that go beyond what is humanly possible. It is no longer just a question of searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack. The latest scientific findings in the field of predictive coding or predictive processing will make it possible to predict potential compliance violations preventively, so that appropriate risk defence strategies can be developed and implemented. We constantly monitor current developments in order to share the latest findings with our clients. 

However, the use of Legal Tech must be sensitive, because data protection in particular must be and remains protected. With this in mind, we design technical solutions for each individual case in individual modules in order to optimally exploit the opportunities offered by new technology for compliance purposes.