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Challenges for Risk Advisory

The challenge in Risk Advisory & Compliance consulting is to identify the specific compliance legal risks of a company. From the large number of theoretically possible risk areas, those areas must be identified in which company-specific legal risks can actually be realized.

Necessary Risk Advisory & Compliance Steps at a Glance

Compliance Culture

  • Basis for the adequacy and effectiveness of the CMS
  • Attitude and behaviour of management ("Tone from the Top")

Compliance Goals

  • Definition of the main objectives to be achieved with the CMS
  • Determination of the relevant sub-areas and rules to be observed

Compliance Risiks

  • Identification of the most important compliance risks
  • Systematic risk identification with risk assessment

Compliance Programme

  • Introduction of principles and measures to minimise risks on the basis of identified risks

Compliance Organization

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Organizational structure and procedures
  • Resource planning

Compliance Communikation

  • Informing affected employees and stakeholders about the compliance programme
  • Definition of the reporting path for identified risks, etc.

Compliance Monitoring/Improvement

  • Monitoring adequacy and effectiveness (incl. reporting)