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Real Estate - Compliance

Especially in our current times of low interest rates, residential and commercial real estate offer a great incentive for investors, leading to the real estate industry moving closer to the realm of regulated financial markets. However, this is also accompanied by higher compliance requirements, which must be met with targeted advice and the right measures.

Real Estate – The Foundations of Success

The compliance rules to be observed in the Real Estate segment depend largely on the rental agreements, the investment and, if applicable, sales structure, local operations and the location of the property.

This results in a variety of different regulations and requirements, which make the establishment of a real estate compliance management system not only sensible but also indispensable.

Examples of Real Estate Risks

  • Transparency and money laundering rules
  • Corruption and bribery
  • National law
  • Permits
  • Regulations (fire protection, security etc.)
  • Insolvencies