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Litigation Compliance

A lack of compliance can lead to extensive and complex disputes for a company. Thus, it is not only a matter of asserting claims for damages against partners and employees of the company. On the contrary, a lack of compliance often leads to disputes with contractual and business partners as well as with external injured parties. In doing so, it is necessary to pursue a clear structure and process strategy and to flank these with further measures, such as press relations.

Examples of Litigation Risks

  • Claims for damages
  • Court, attorney and expert fees
  • Loss of reputation in public and among
  • contractual and business partners due to corporate communications or business partners and former employees
  • Allegation of litigation fraud and perjury due to incorrect or incompletely investigated facts

Range of Services

    Our services in the litigation area include in particular the following:

    • Review of the facts
    • Development of a process strategy
    • Software-supported process risk analysis
    • Support in settlement negotiations
    • Advice and representation before ordinary courts and in arbitration proceedings
    • Flanking litigation with PR
    • Second Legal Opinion