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Corporate Compliance

Effective corporate compliance is not to be understood as mere housekeeping under a new name. Rather, intelligent corporate governance systems are based on making compliance risks and incidents transparent at an early stage and thus escalating them through the various levels of responsibility so that suitable preventive and reactive measures can be taken in good time.


The documentation of this procedure is particularly important as it is the essential basis for proving that organ trafficking is in accordance with duty and for counteracting any subsequent liability.

  • Preventive corporate compliance means implementing mechanisms under company law to identify and regularly evaluate potential risks
  • Defining rules that specify how these risks are to be dealt with
  • Establishing so-called 'checks and balances' that enable these rules to be effectively enforced.

For the reactive case, depending on the relevance of a compliance risk or incident, the procedure must be defined and implemented which ensures the necessary and appropriate processing up to the (re)definition of future preventive measures.

Range of Services

In the area of partnership and corporate law, we offer you the following services in particular: 

  • Analysis and optimization of corporate governance, including review and revision of the statutory documents (articles of association, rules of procedure, code of conduct, etc.) 

  • Development and supplementation of any additional instruments and regulations (information regulations, signature regulations, whistle-blower systems, efficiency checks, compliance emergency plans) 

  • Advice on the duties of corporate bodies under company law, including the preparation of liability reports with special consideration of the Business Judgement Rule

  • Analysis and optimisation of the documentation of decision-making processes, including recording of minutes and court-proof justification of board decisions as well as D&O legal protection

  • Legal preparation and support of general meetings or shareholders' meetings, board and committee meetings and other resolutions, taking into account duties under board law

  • Documentation and maintenance of corporate law measures (restructuring, reorganizations, capital measures), including advice on special legal regulations and group law

  • Corporate law litigation (asset and liability)