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Perhaps now more than ever businesses recognise that data, whether technical or personal, is their lifeblood. But data can also be vulnerable, particularly as digital transformation leads to more remote working and an increased threat surface for organisations. A sudden loss of control over this precious resource can be disastrous, particularly when data is held to ransom by hackers or used as a springboard by competitors. 

Recent years have seen considerable change in Europe's legal framework for dealing with these threats, with the Trade Secrets Directive and the General Data Protection Regulation both coming into force in 2018. But while the GDPR has become a household name, has the protection of trade secrets seen a similar revolution – and if it has changed, are businesses making the most of the new rules?

Our team of specialists from across Europe will review the law on trade secrets, how to litigate in this critical area, and the harmonisation (and differences) between different jurisdictions. You will hear from Benjamin Grzimek (Düsseldorf), Nathalie Hadjadj-Cazier (Paris), Diego Rigatti (Milan) and Tommy McKenna (London). Completing our analysis will be Dr. Marcus Iske (Düsseldorf) with a practical guide to the employment aspects of trade secrets, and James Seadon (London) who will advocate a holistic approach to data security incidents.