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The Brussels team has established a reputation of excellence for more than two decades, advising major pesticide manufacturers on the European re-registration programme laid down by Regulation 1107/2009, including the renewal programmes under the so-called AIR regulations, as well as follow-up re-registration activity.

Notable experience:

  • We set up and acted as trustee and legal secretary to complex Task Forces for plant protection products, biopesticides and biostimulants for the past 20 years.
  • We successfully represented clients on appeals against decisions from the Commission and EFSA. For example, the team has obtained the suspension of a non-approval decision (napropamide) and of EFSA’s report through an interim relief Order from the EU Court.
  • We assisted a client in the defence of his products and in particular against requests for access to documents from NGOs.
  • We assisted several clients against unauthorised use of their registrations and data by third parties following termination of distribution agreements. This involved both legal and regulatory aspects with local authorities.