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We are living in challenging times. This time calls for the strongest bonds with our clients and our strongest dedication to meeting the challenges ahead of us.

We stand to help our clients navigate through this crisis. On this page we will regularly publish content which will provide guidance on many areas of relevance to you.

We are always available to answer your questions and accompany you through these difficult times.

Employment law FAQ - COVID-19 EXIT measures

Our employment, social security and business migration department assists and advises both Belgian and foreign companies and individuals in all aspects of employment law.


Royal Decree no 15: Temporary Moratorium on Creditors Rights

The Royal Decree n° 15 supplements the economic measures already adopted to support businesses financially impacted by the COVID-19.


How to get your PPE to market quickly

Read here why it is important to know whether your product is defined as PPE and which complications one can face when the gear is not categorised correctly


Belgian Government Adopts Royal Decree On Civil Proceedings

The Royal Decree n°2 only applies to proceedings before the courts of the judiciary order. Proceedings before the federal administrative courts, the Council of State and the Constitutional Court are not covered by the decree. Read more...


Royal Decree - temporary measures for shareholders meetings

The Belgian government has just introduced a number of temporary measures to allow companies to act with the necessary flexibility in relation to their shareholders' meetings


Economic support measures in Belgium

Download our one-page overview of the Governments measures that are available to help guide your company through these difficult times


Covid-19 – Signature of documents and agreements during a global pandemic

Download the summary prepared by our Corporate practice on how to execute documents remotely in these times of social distancing. A complete analysis is also available on simple request to any members of the corporate team


Interim measures in competition law

Status of merger control, antitrust and State aid interim measures adopted by Competition Authorities in Europe during COVID-19


Most Frequently Asked Questions

10 Most Frequent Questions on Belgian' Governments COVID-19 response


What about meetings of board of directors and shareholders' meetings?

While the Belgian government is working on a Royal Decree to adopt a number of extraordinary measures, Fieldfisher Belgium's Corporate team has laid out the workable options which are currently already available.


Syndicated COVID-19 response

How COVID-19 Can Affect Your Business (Corporate, Financial, HR, Transactional, Contractual Obligations)


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