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Rooting for Change: local and global environmental action



United Kingdom

Restoring local habitats and promoting biodiversity across Europe and beyond.

Rooting for Change is a Fieldfisher initiative that began in 2019 with a tree planting project in Pitchandikulum Forest, Southern India. With a portfolio investment totalling almost £200,000 to date, it has since grown to become a holistic selection of conservation projects around the globe, tackling some of the most pressing environmental issues. It is a great example of how our Firm values – putting people-first, embracing ESG, and collaboration – are woven into this community-led sustainability campaign.

Following a successful global campaign in 2023, we wanted to localise some of our Rooting for Change projects to inspire climate action across our European office locations. This will also open the opportunity for employee volunteering in the green sector, allowing our people to experience first-hand how collective action can help restore our natural environment and slow down global heating.

We have three new projects to introduce to the portfolio for this iteration of Rooting for Change, covering an assortment of restoration and regeneration efforts.

The first new project is with Irish charity Hometree, where we are working to conserve the Wild Atlantic Rainforest, creating diverse and resilient habitats and restoring natural carbon sinks. Hometree works alongside local farmers to educate and encourage sustainable planting and land regeneration and, with our support, they will be looking to create national parks to ensure the long-lasting protection of this internationally significant rainforest.

Jonathan Moore, Partner in Dublin who introduced Hometree to the Sustainability and ESG team, comments: "The climate emergency and biodiversity crises are clearly global issues, but, to effect change, small steps are required by everyone at a local level. Starting with native woodland restoration and biodiversity efforts on our doorstep through Rooting for Change encourages our people to feel more invested and involved in tackling a worldwide problem."

The second project we are introducing to the portfolio focusses on protecting the Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse National Park in partnership with Natagora. We will be expanding nature reserves by planting hedgerows and orchards, digging ponds, and safeguarding local animal species, ensuring holistic and lasting large-scale environmental change. Nestled near the Belgian border and within easy reach of France, Germany, and Luxembourg, this project presents a cross-border opportunity for us to collaborate on climate action.

The final new partnership within Rooting for Change sees Fieldfisher working with the RSPB to restore peatlands in the Peak District. Following 200 years of extensive damage by agriculture, and a devastating fire in 2022 which destroyed vast swathes of peatland, this project is vital to ensuring the peatland here can thrive as a hub of biodiversity and continue acting as one of the most effective natural carbon sinks.

Whilst the vast majority of greenhouse gas emissions are produced in the West, widespread inequality means the Global South remains disproportionately burdened by the impacts of climate change. We recognise this disparity, so whilst growing the local impact of Rooting for Change, we are also continuing our investment in our flagship project in Pitchandikulum Forest, looking at new ways to help grow the reach of the Barefoot Ecologist College that we seed funded. Here, we are focussing on building educational centres, engaging and training the local community, planting native tree species, and conserving the biodiversity of the forest. You can learn more about this pioneering project in our 2023 ESG Report.

Rooting for Change epitomises Fieldfisher's commitment to sustainability and community engagement. From a modest tree planting endeavour in 2019, it has blossomed into a multifaceted initiative addressing local and global environmental challenges.

As we expand our efforts across our European offices, partnering with the many great organisations already mentioned, our aim is to make a tangible difference at grassroots level. These projects not only safeguard biodiversity and mitigate climate change but also empower our employees to actively participate in environmental stewardship and be a meaningful force for positive change.

And while we acknowledge that our investment may seem small compared to the enormity of the climate and biodiversity crises, it's imperative that we actively contribute to the global environmental movement and recognise the need for solidarity in tackling climate injustice.

Through Rooting for Change, we're not just planting trees; we're cultivating a sustainable future, one partnership at a time.