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App Annie published its predictions earlier this month relating to five trends to watch in mobile commerce.

Trend number 5 predicted that 60% more apps will monetise through in-app advertising in 2019; this prediction does not surprise us at all. Over the past few years, we have seen an increase in game development studios adding native or complimentary advertising features/functionality as part of the early game design.  In-game advertising has evolved significantly and when integrated properly can enhance the game enthusiasts experience in the game.  For development studios, in-app advertising adds an important monetisation element to the provide secure predictable revenue streams in order to help fund early-stage development. In this way, planning to integrate advertising is now seen as an important part of the development roadmap as opposed to just being an add-on.

We are in an era where consumers are happier to interact with in-play advertising in order to enhance their gaming experience. With games developers grasping a better understanding of both native advertising and reward-based video advertising, monetisation opportunities are endless. Both advertising strategies cater to a wider range of consumers as native advertising ensures that there is no detraction from the game and reward-based advertising directly targets winning players to encourage to continue playing, instantly increasing player engagement.

New forms of in-app advertising (when used thoughtfully) are a win-win all round. After all, why would savvy app developers not want a share of that $250B digital advertising market?

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