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Liberal Democrat case for a John Lewis economy


United Kingdom

Liberal Democrat case for a "John Lewis" economy

Following Graeme Nuttall's recent appointment as the Government's independent adviser on employee ownership, Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, has given further support for building a "John Lewis" economy.

In his speech to the Liberal Democrat's Spring Conference on 11 March 2012 the Liberal Democrat Leader said "[We] will rebalance power in the workplace.  That's why I want us to build a "John Lewis" economy, where workers have a real stake.  Not capital versus labour, bosses versus workers but modern enterprises built on shared endeavour and shared profit.  An old liberal idea to build a new liberal economy".

This follows on from his Mansion House speech in January 2012 when he announced the Government would "drive to introduce the concept of employee ownership into the mainstream British economy".

Graeme Nuttall is working with the Government to identify the barriers to employee ownership and help find the solutions to knock them down.   The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills is now seeking views from employee owned businesses and other stakeholders for discussion with Graeme Nuttall.  Interested parties may contribute to the discussion by contacting

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