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From trash to cash: The enticing economics of energy from waste

Cecily Davis


United Kingdom

As the UK grapples with its mounting waste problem and increasingly urgent emissions reduction targets, Fieldfisher's EfW experts consider the opportunities to expand the role of energy from waste.

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UK energy from waste (EfW) assets with revenue diversification from gate fees and a favourable waste market outlook are increasingly attractive to investors.
However, the relatively higher risk profile and complexity of these projects, particularly for greenfield EfW, should not be overlooked and experience will be required if the apparent return premiums are to be realised.

New policies are required in the UK to further encourage the use of heat generated by EfW by energy consumers.

EfW developments are limited in the UK, with only eight of the 45 plants currently in operation delivering both heat and power, although all are successfully diverting waste from landfill.

Public opinion clearly identifies the environment as a priority for policy to address and EfW has a role to play in reducing the negative impact of waste.

For more information on the EfW market, including a review of the various regulation and policy factors affecting the development of EfW plants in the UK, download our paper: From trash to cash: The enticing economics of energy from waste.

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