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Fieldfisher and RICS explore behavioral assessment



United Kingdom

Fieldfisher and RICS team up to explore behavioural assessment in infrastructure procurement. Researching the growing trend for procurement exercises in infrastructure and construction to evaluate...

There's a growing trend for procurement exercises in infrastructure and construction to evaluate and assess the behavioural characteristics of tendering teams and the individuals involved.

The importance of cohesion and cooperation between the parties involved in construction and engineering projects has long been recognised as playing a big role in their success and outcomes. Therefore, the desire to implement behavioural assessment into the tendering process has increased significantly, especially for complex projects which are over a prolonged period.

Behavioural assessment was a major part of procurement process for the Environmental Agency, Highways England and Thames Tideway. Other major projects, such as HS2, are also utilising behavioural assessment.

Assessments are usually carried out at the evaluation stage of the procurement process, with purchasers having disclosed their evaluation criteria to the bidders. It is essential that the assessment criterion has to a clear link to the contract term and outputs.

Fieldfisher and RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) have teamed together to gain insight into industry attitudes to behavioural assessment. To assist us in our efforts and help with our research please complete the two minute online survey.

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