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EU Regulatory Bulletin November 2012



EU Regulatory Bulletin

News on Nanomaterials

More details on ECHA's new working group and theCommission's opposition towards a register for nanomaterials.

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ECHA releases update to the Community rolling action plan

The draft update for 2013-2015 lists 116 substances: 53 substances that were listed on the first CoRAP have been retained, and 63 newly selected substances have been added to the list.

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Pesticides and their (possible) effects on bees

EFSA is conducting an in-depth review into pesticides and their possible effects on bees. Its report is expected to be published in December this year.

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EFSA casts doubt over GM-corn & pesticide study

EFSA received a formal request from the Commission to carry out a review of the Séralini paper and to advise whether it contains any elements that should lead EFSA to reconsider its previous assessments.

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