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EU Regulatory Bulletin - 22 March 2011



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Welcome to the EU Regulatory Bulletin.

This newsletter is issued by our Brussels EU Regulatory & Competition team, which specialises in the regulatory aspects of chemicals (REACH), biocides & pesticides.

In this edition:

Commission adopts new strategy for raw materials
  • The new strategy sets out targeted measures to secure and improve access to raw materials for the EU in the coming years.  Read more >

Institutional: Requests for access to documents in Italy
  • We frequently receive requests for assistance from clients in relation to proceedings seeking access to documents. What issues in Italy?  Read more >  

The Classification & Labelling Inventory: what next?
  • Manufacturers and importers were required to submit certain information to ECHA to be used for the C&L inventory by January 2011: what is to be expected?  Read more >

Time to be concerned: SVHCs in articles have to be notified as of 1 June 2011
  • The deadlines relating to requirements triggered by Substances of Very High Concern present in articles are less obvious than the REACH deadlines.  Read more >

6 SVHCs subject to authorisation under REACH
  • A recent Regulation amended Annex XIV and specifies the latest date by which applications for authorisation must be received and a sunset date after which only authorised companies will be able to market these substances.  Read more >

Commission threatens to bring the Czech Republic before the ECJ
  • The European Commission has asked the Czech Republic to update its chemicals legislation and authorise the use of two biocides.  Read more >

Debates, explanations and outstanding issues relating to chemical regulatory topics...
  • Our lawyers who attended conferences report discussions and food for thought regarding applications for confidentiality, IUPAC and the C&L Inventory, e-Safety Data Sheets and intermediates...  Read more >

Speaking Engagements, Journal contributions & Awards
  • Find out more about the awards we won, recent articles we published and our participation in outdoor seminars...  Read more >

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