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Charity Update - 7 February 2017



United Kingdom

Our Charity Update provides the latest tax news and developments

2 February 2017

New investment funds made available to charities

The Charities Aid Foundation announces that a further 18 investment funds have been made available through the UK’s first secure digital platform designed for charities.

Charities Aid Foundation  


1 February 2017

New code of governance consultation

The Charity Commission responds to a consultation on the Charity Governance Code.

The Charity Commission  


23 January 2017

The Common Reporting Standard

HMRC updates and completes its guidance for charities on the Common Reporting Standard.

HMRC's International Exchange of Information Manual is available here.

Charity Tax Group and HM Revenue & Customs  


17 January 2017

Northern Ireland Assembly Election

The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland reminds charities not to break charity law in advance of the forthcoming Northern Ireland Assembly Election. Charities should “do nothing that undermines their independence and neutrality when it comes to party politics”.

The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland  


17 January 2017

Are you on top of your charity’s annual report and accounts submission?

The Charity Commission reminds all charities, specifically those with a financial year ending 31 March 2016, to file their annual return or accounts.

The Charity Commission  


17 January 2017

The Charity Commission warns public not to donate to ‘sham’ animal welfare and migrant appeals

The Charity Commission issues an alert to raise awareness of sham charity appeals.

The Charity Commission

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