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Charity Update - 4 January 2017



United Kingdom

Our Charities Update provides the latest tax news and developments

3 January 2016

Chastened charities must find their place in 2017 Brexit Britain

The Voluntary Sector Network reports that Brexit, fundraising scandals and crumbling trust loom over the voluntary sector but the new year also offers a chance to reflect.

Voluntary Sector Network  


3 January 2017

Debt charities urge struggling consumers to seek advice early

Citizens Advice and National Debtline say January will be the busiest for years as financial hangover, on top of rising bills, is felt.

Voluntary Sector Network  


28 December 2016

Voluntary sector outlook for 2017 – chief executives share their views

Will the new year bring better news for charitable organisations? Nine leaders give their opinion on what may lie in store.

Voluntary Sector Network  


23 December 2016

Charity Commission for Northern Ireland launches a new blog

The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland launches a new blog which will offer information, updates and advice straight from the Commission’s management team.

The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland  


22 December 2016

Charity Commission opens a consultation on the annual return

The Charity Commission publishes a consultation which forms part of a two-year project to review key information that the Charity Commission collects and displays from charities.

The Charity Commission  


20 December 2016

Tackling abuse and mismanagement: 2015-16

The Charity Commission issues a report of the Charity Commission’s investigations and compliance case work.

The Charity Commission  


16 December 2016

Annual public meeting 9 January 2017, the Royal Society, London

The Charity Commission invites charities, trustees and their advisers to attend its annual public meeting on 9 January 2017, which will take place at the Royal Society in London from 10am to 12pm.

The Charity Commission

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