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Charity Update 24 July 2012



United Kingdom

Charity Update 24 July 2012

11 July 2012

Trust soars amongst charity donors

The Fundraising Standards Board publishes a report into trust in charities by donors, and considers the benefits of regulation.

The Fundraising Standards Board

13 July 2012

Delivering a cap on income tax relief: a technical consultation

The Government consultation invites comments on the implementation and delivery of the cap.

HM Treasury

16 July 2012

Giving charity back to charities - Review of the Charities Act 2006

Lord Hodgson publishes the report of his review.

Cabinet Office

18 July 2012

Charity organisations send open letter regarding Lord Hodgson recommendations

Some leading sector association leaders have written to minister for Civil Society, Nick Hurd, expressing their strong opposition to Lord Hodgson's recommendation that large charities will be given the automatic right to pay their trustees.


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