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Charity Update 19 April 2016

Penny Wotton


United Kingdom

15 April 2016

Charity Commission News Issue 53

The Spring 2016 issue includes articles on:  

• the Charity Commission's updated reserves guidance

• the new online registration service

• managing financial difficulties

• the new draft guidance for funding non-charitable organisations.

The Charity Commission  


11 April 2016

Tackling fraud in the charity sector: the Charity Sector Counter Fraud Group

The Charity Commission publishes information on the Charity Sector Counter Fraud Group.

The Charity Commission  


8 April 2016

Cabinet Office fails to address sector concerns on anti-advocacy

Charity leaders criticise Cabinet Office Minister Matthew Hancock for failing to address key concerns about the Government’s proposed anti-advocacy clause.



8 April 2016

Government confirms support for business rates relief

NCVO and Charity Finance Group receive confirmation from the Government that it will maintain the current 80% mandatory relief on business rates for charities.

NCVO and Charity Finance Group   


6 April 2016

Charities: detailed guidance notes

HM Revenue & Customs updates rates, allowances and duties for the tax year 2016 to 2017 in its detailed guidance notes for charities.

HM Revenue & Customs  


1 April 2016

Converting to a charitable incorporated organisation

The government is seeking feedback on draft enabling regulations on converting a charitable company or a community interest company into a charitable incorporated organisation.

Cabinet Office and The Charity Commission