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British victims of terrorism financial support scheme introduced today



United Kingdom

British victims of terrorism financial support scheme introduced today

For over seven years, campaigners have fought to introduce financial support for British victims of terrorism whilst abroad. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority Scheme would only provide support if the attack occurred on British soil. 

The Scheme launched today, will provide financial support to those involved in such atrocities on a par with victims of terrorist atrocities within the UK in the same way that the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority Scheme compensated the victims of the 7/7 bombings. 

A huge amount of work and campaigning was done in order to persuade the Government that such a Scheme ought to be brought into place.  One of the main arguments was that British tourists are often now on the frontline of terrorist atrocities and are in essence easy targets.

Other countries, such as Israel who have found their nationals victimised by terrorists, have had such schemes in place for many years. 

Jill Greenfield, a Personal Injury Partner at Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP, worked alongside victims, their families and other campaigners to help ensure that their suffering was recognised and future support would be provided. 

"This has been a huge campaign on behalf of victims.  I would hope that there would be little need to draw upon this Scheme but I suspect there will be.  It is good to know that at least in the future such victims of terrorist atrocities will be provided with support from the British Government, something that to date has been lacking".

"We were always keen to ensure parity of treatment. British citizens may be targeted by terrorists whether in the UK or abroad. If you allow those attacked then to suffer financially, you are merely allowing terrorism to embed itself further into society, leading to economic terrorism. Individuals should not pay for what is an attack on British Society".


For further information, please contact:

Jill Greenfield, Partner, Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP on 0207 861 4557/ 07917 769 474

Ibrahim Kamara, PR & Communications Manager, Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP on 020 7861 4120

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