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Tune in to Road Safety Week 2013! - Day Two

It’s day 2 of national Road Safety Week! To help us all ‘Tune In’ to road safety, Field Fisher Waterhouse in conjunction with Brake are providing information about the various distractions that can affect us when driving, along with advice about how to avoid these distractions.

Distractions come in many forms, one of which is eating and drinking behind the wheel. First of all, it’s a physical distraction. If our hands are busy unwrapping a baguette, or unscrewing a bottlecap, they aren’t on the wheel and our driving is affected.

The second distraction is a mental one. By making an effort to eat something, our minds are less focused on the roads ahead, and because of this our reaction times are slowed down, making us more likely to crash.

It’s for these reasons that eating and drinking behind the wheel can make us TWICE as likely to be involved in a crash.

Of course, there are times when we’re driving and we might feel hungry or thirsty. Brake’s advice is to always pull over somewhere safe when we want to eat or drink something. This can often provide a welcome break from the hassle of driving, and indeed we advise that drivers take a break on long journeys every two hours, as this allows us to remain sharp and fresh behind the wheel!

To make a personal commitment to always staying sharp and focused behind the wheel, visit the Brake site and sign our Pledge to drive safely today!

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