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Tragic cyclist death in Stamford Hill

We're sorry to report that another cyclist has died after a collision with a tipper lorry at the junction of Bethune Road and Amhurst Park in Hackney. According to eye-witness reports in the Evening Standard the cyclist, a woman in her 30s, was killed when a lorry turned left across her path and dragged her underneath in slow-moving traffic. According to London Cycling Campaign, the junction  gives priority to the smooth passage of motor vehicles above all others. Another issue in this accident appears to be the lorry, which is apparently a 15 year old tipper lorry, which might well have been required to upgrade it's mirrors and sideguards if the Safer Lorry Scheme traffic orders had been brought into force.

Jennifer Buchanan, solicitor with Fieldfisher, says "It's awful to hear that this news, and our thoughts go out to the family and friends of the cyclist involved. Whilst the circumstances of the accident are unclear from the reports, we urge London Council to bring into force these traffic orders forcing older lorries to upgrade their safety features as fast as possible. Studies indicate that a lot of collisions involving older lorries and cyclists or pedestrians could be reduced with the enforcement of these safety features. Accidents like this can and should be prevented."

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