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Space for Cycling

London Cycling Campaign have put online a petition requesting that councils in London keep their promises to make the streets of London safer. Council candidates were originally asked to support safe cycling on the streets of London prior to the council elections in May 2014, and around half agreed to do this. The improvements include lowering the speed limits to 20mph for certain roads, restricting motor vehicles on certain streets, creating cycle routes to schools and protected space for bikes on major routes. London Cycling Campaign have put online an interactive map which allows you to enter your postcode to see what improvements are being made in your local area.

Jennifer Buchanan, solicitor at Fieldfisher, says: "This survey is a perfect opportunity to hold our councils to account for their promises and to make London's streets safer for cycling for all. We urge everyone to sign this petition so that London's streets become a more harmonious place for all".

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