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Reginald Scott - A biker deliberately shunted from behind by a Volvo

As a cyclist, I am truly appalled by the YouTube video posted by cyclist Reginald Scott. As is clear from his footage, Reginald was riding quite correctly around a roundabout when he was deliberately shunted from behind by a Volvo. He was hit in the small of his back, the impact causing severe back injury and internal haemorrhaging.

Unbelievably, the car driver was not traced and was not prosecuted by the police. I cannot understand why information was not pursued and released about who was driving the car at the time. Obviously, the car rental company will have details of who had hired the car and therefore who was driving at the time of the accident.

Watch the actual footage below.

Driving into Reginald was careless and seemingly deliberate. Unfortunately, this type of incident is not a one-off. We are currently acting for a client who was involved in a very similar accident.

I am a serious injury solicitor, with a particular passion for and expertise in cycling claims. My first thought, I suppose, was whether Reginald had or was receiving any advice on bringing a civil claim. Such a claim would compensate him for the injuries he sustained, damage to his bike and any ongoing rehabilitation he might need. Even if there is no criminal prosecution, it is possible to bring a civil claim. The burdens of proof are different.

If, however, the driver remains untraced, Reginald would have recourse to the MIB. The MIB is the Motor Insurer's Bureau into which all insurance companies contribute annually. It compensates victims who sustain injuries at the hands of uninsured or untraced drivers. People are often unaware of this. It can unfortunately be a complex procedure with very strict regulations, so care is needed when bringing such a claim.

Given, however, that Reginald clearly has the vehicle registration number of the car being driven and whose driver then caused the accident; a claim can be made against the insurers of the vehicle at that time. I would be very surprised if that course of action didn't flush out the guilty driver. The hire company will have their details and we have acted in several similar cases.

This was an aggressive and unprovoked attack. Such attacks really need to be highlighted and investigated by the police to ensure that people realise that such behaviour does have consequences.

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