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Nottingham kebab shop owners convicted after E.Coli outbreak

In June 2014, around 140 people in Nottingham were taken ill after an outbreak of a particularly rare strain of E.Coli occurred. Nottingham Crown Court this week heard how 142 customers of the Khyber Pass kebab shop in Hysen's Green in Nottingham were taken ill after staff in the shop failed to wash their hands after toileting and before handling food. The court heard that the only way for the virus to have been transmitted was by poor hygiene used by staff after visiting the toilet in failing to wash their hands. The two owners of the shop were found guilty of numerous food hygiene offences and given 4 month suspended prison sentences, as well as being given 250 hours community service each.

Jill Greenfield, partner with Fieldfisher, says: "This was a terrible outbreak and could have been so easily prevented had the kebab shop owners taken more care to make sure that the staff followed the most basic of hygiene precautions. This was a particularly large E.Coli outbreak and we are just pleased that no-one died as a result of this negligence."

Jill Greenfield is an expert in E.Coli cases and she recently won compensation on behalf of many claimants who contracted E.Coli at Godstone Farm.

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