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NHS recognises Fieldfisher medical negligence team as achieving highest value settlements for clients

Paul McNeil
Data generated by the NHS highlight that Fieldfisher's Medical Negligence team is winning, on average, the highest value claims for medical negligence compensation on behalf of clients, at an average of £2m per case in 2020/21.

The next highest firm averaged less than half of Fieldfisher's, with the lowest average payout at £41,000.

The lion's share of PIMN cases against the NHS involve midwifery, obstetric and neonatal cases resulting from negligence at or around birth. Very sadly, such cases often result in catastrophic neurological injury and are devastating for the families involved. The claims are very demanding and have high value because they include the costs of providing life-long care for children left severely disabled.

Other cases include missed and delayed diagnosis, particularly of cancers, GP and surgical negligence and limb loss and amputee claims.

Head of PIMN Paul McNeil said: "Families with complex and high-value cases trust our lawyers at Fieldfisher to achieve the highest value settlements. It is testament to our group's hard work and commitment to our clients that the statistics show that on average, we are achieving the highest compensation awards for the most catastrophically injured claimants."

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