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Lorry driver not charged after fatal collision with cyclist

The London Evening Standard has reported on how the Crown Prosecution Service has decided not to press charges against a lorry driver after a fatal collision with a cyclist. The driver of a Crossrail contractor's lorry did not fail the standard of being a "competent motorist" according to the CPS, although two of the three sensors on his truck were not working. Crossrail had agreed that their lorries were to have sensors fitted so that they could detect cyclists and pedestrians. In addition to this it appears that the driver was about to start a hands-free conversation on his mobile phone when his truck collided with the bicycle of Maria Karsa at Aldgate last September. Ms Karsa later died from her injuries.

Jennifer Bradley, personal injury solicitor with Fieldfisher says: "Sadly, this is another example of the danger of large lorries and cyclists forced to share the same road. Great sadness goes out to Maria's family and I would hope that this is a further reinforcement that a change needs to happen not least the implementation of Boris' traffic regulation for all lorries to be fitted with side guards and better viewing platforms."

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