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London Cycling Campaign say it's time we got deadly lorries off London's streets

London Cycling Campaign have launched a petition to call on the Mayor of London asking him to take action to make London's streets safer for cyclists to use after a tragic run of cyclist deaths caused by lorries since the start of 2015. They have asked that the Mayor take 3 important steps in order to try and stop these tragic accidents. The first measure is to impose a rush hour ban for lorries weighing more than 7.5 tonnes, between 8am and 9.30 am. 40% of cyclist deaths caused by lorries happen during the rush hour so this would be a significant first step in reducing the fatalities. Paris and Dublin already have bans in place which shows that this measure is achievable.

The second measure is to introduce "Direct Vision" lorries. Certain types of lorry, including construction lorries, are notorious for the size of their blind spots, with 80% of cyclist fatalities occurring where a cyclist is to the front and left of the vehicle. Introducing "Direct Vision" means having a windscreen which would come up to about chest height to a pedestrian standing outside. The lorry cab is also a metre lower which improves visibility around the lorry significantly for the driver. The lorry cab would also have a glass door on the passenger side for a better view of pedestrians and cyclists to the front and left.

The final measure is for stronger measures to be taken against lorry operators who allow unlicensed drivers and/or unsafe lorries on London's streets. A high proportion of suspect lorries stopped by the City of London Police Commercial Vehicle Unit had to be taken off the road due to non-compliance with these issues.

Jennifer Buchanan says: "Please sign the petition, if we can get the Mayor to take these steps it would make a significant difference to the levels of safety for cyclists on London's streets"

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