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Lawyers acting for the victims of the Apollo Theatre disaster seek early meeting with insurers

Personal injury lawyers at Field Fisher Waterhouse are coordinating a number of claims against Nimax Theatres on behalf of theatregoers. Many have suffered serious physical and psychological harm. It is believed that more than 70 people were hurt and taken to hospital. Many more were terrified and shocked when the roof collapsed and there was a panic to exit the theatre for fear that the building was about to collapse and cause death and further injury.

The disaster occurred on Thursday, 19th December 2013 during the performance of "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time" at about 2015. Some of those in attendance thought that the "cracking sounds" were part of the special effects particularly when the actors called out "watch out!" Tragically we now know that the roof had collapsed and the roof rafters were falling on to the audience below.

Pictures in the media showing the aftermath were reminiscent of a "battle scene" with theatregoers in shock and disbelief that so many had been injured in London's West End so close to Christmas. Many also acted gallantly as rescuers and "good Samaritans".

Paul McNeil and Jill Greenfield both experienced personal injury lawyers at Field Fisher Waterhouse said: –

"We are asking Z├╝rich, who insure Nimax Theatres, to meet as early as possible. We want to obtain immediate medical and financial support for those injured in this shocking incident"

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