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Labour MP statement on Mesothelioma

Labour MP Kate Green has made a statement on her intention to change the Mesothelioma Act 2014 should Labour get into power at the general election scheduled for next year. The Mesothelioma Act 2014 introduced by the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives introduced a scheme to secure compensation to victims of mesothelioma who cannot trace a former employer or the employer's liability insurer. However the scheme is currently set so that victims of this disease only receive 80% of average civil damages.

The plan is to introduce a 3% levy on insurance companies enshrined in law to make it compulsory for them to contribute to the scheme. It is believed that by making this levy compulsory it will allow for the possibility of claimants to claim 100% of the damages they should get rather than the 80% currently allowed a few years down the line.

Labour also plan to work with employers, trade unions and contractors to make sure that they understand the risks of working with asbestos in an attempt to stop these tragedies happening in future.

Labour also intend to keep the exemption for mesothelioma cases from the ban on success fees and after the event insurance under the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act.

Kate Green has already put forward some of these points in parliamentary discussions which you can read here and here.

You can read her full statement on how she would make changes to Mesothelioma legislation here .

Andrew Morgan, asbestos partner at Field Fisher Waterhouse, says:

"It's great news that one of the major parties has come out in support of mesothelioma victims. In some areas it may turn out to be an important issue in the European elections being held next week, and in the General Election due in 2015. Whichever way you look at it, it's great that this issue is getting a higher profile, and we hope that other parties follow suit in trying to get justice for victims of this disease."

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