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Justice for David Caminal - The Spanish Producer who was given a drink containing caustic soda

In the news this week was a case in which we acted on behalf of David Caminal, a TV Producer, who was provided with a drink by a bar which contained caustic soda.  It is in fact sodium hydroxide and it is a strong drain cleaner.  It is used, for example, to dissolve animal carcasses and is understood to have been used by mafia bosses to dispose of bodies.  After ingesting this substance, damage will continue to occur to the oesophagus and stomach for several weeks after the poison is swallowed and death can occur for as long as a month after the initial ingestion. 

David Caminal survived but needed to have his oesophagus removed, quite dramatic and extensive surgery which has a lifelong impact for him.  Had a better safety regime been in place at the New Conservatory Bar, this could and should have been avoided altogether.

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