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Jill Greenfield contributes to Channel 4 documentary Working with Weinstein

Jill Greenfield is interviewed in a Channel 4 documentary to be aired on 20th February looking at alleged historic abuse by Harvey Weinstein of people working in the British film industry.

Working with Weinstein features people who worked with the film producer in the UK at the height of the success of British films, including on Shakespeare in Love in the late 1990s.

Jill, who is currently pursuing a UK Civil Court Action against Weinstein on behalf of a client, comments in the film: 'You've got an awful lot of women who have been afraid for many years and are still very afraid, but these women now have an awful lot of other women and people around them who are really not afraid and are prepared to go all the way on this.

'He may be or may have been a powerful man, but it doesn't matter. He's not above the law. He's just a man.'

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