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Enforcement of careless driving offences would bring down cycling deaths

Mark Bowman
London Cycling Campaign has welcomed news that cycling deaths are on the decrease on London's streets. However the biggest cause of cyclist-related accidents is careless driving. The LCC has noted that the police have failed to enforce penalties for careless driving despite this now being the biggest threat to cyclists. The three manoeuvres most likely to cause harm for cyclists are
  • Drivers turning across the path of cyclists

  • Drivers overtaking cyclists without giving them enough room, or giving any consideration as to their safety

  • Drivers and/or their passengers opening the door of a stationary vehicle and thus obstructing the path of a cyclist.
We urge that London police enforce penalties for these offences. Too much attention has been paid to the actions of cyclists when it is clear from the statistics that there should be a crackdown on those drivers who drive without due care and attention if we are to reduce these unnecessary accidents.

You can read more about this here.

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