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BBC News reports on children playing with asbestos dust in Bowburn

BBC news has reported on how children in the village of Bowburn played with asbestos dust that settled outside a factory during the 1960s through to the 1980s and how this has affected their lives. FFW client Caroline Wilcock is interviewed in the article together with FFW partner Andrew Morgan. Caroline contracted mesothelioma after playing with the dust as a child growing up in the village. Cape Intermediate Holdings continues to deny responsibility for the illness although it is paying Caroline a substantial out-of-court settlement. The factory was taken over by a succession of subsidiaries of Cape Intermediate Holdings starting back in 1967.

Andrew Morgan stresses "there is no real doubt" that Cape knew asbestos was dangerous and that asbestos in small doses could cause mesothelioma. "If they had not appreciated that there was some risk of losing then presumably they would never have made any offer,"

You can read more about this story here

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