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Another tragic cycling accident on London's streets

We are sorry to hear that yesterday another cyclist was killed whilst riding a Boris bike after a collision with a lorry at the junction of Victoria Street and Bressenden Place. The accident happened just before 8am and occurred as it does too often, when a lorry turned left from the junction and hit the cyclist travelling down a cycle route. The area is notorious for the constant traffic and the calls for making streets in Westminster a 20 mph zone are getting louder.  A vigil will be held for the cyclist at 6.30pm on 2nd March at Bressenden Place.

Jennifer Buchanan says "Such tragic, devastating news and our thoughts go out to the family. This accident is another example of why we need to keep pressing for improved safety on London's streets for cyclists. The law changes due to be implemented to make unsafe lorries safer can't come soon enough. This is the fourth cyclist fatality that has happened on London's streets this year, all involving a collision with a lorry. From the 1st September this year, all lorries travelling through London will be required to have safety mirrors and side guards installed between the front and rear sets of wheels on each side of the vehicle. We hope that Transport for London implement the new cycle superhighways with segregated routes for cyclists quickly, and continue to look at developing further new routes as a matter of priority."

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