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Action Mesothelioma Day - pressing for change

Today, the first Friday in July, is Action Mesothelioma Day. Support groups across the country have been gathering to commemorate those we have lost to mesothelioma, to celebrate the survivors, to call for more research and to press for change. Caroline Pinfold, partner in our Mesothelioma Claims Department attended the event in London on behalf of Fieldfisher. We have attended this event every year since it began, over 5 years ago.

Andrew Morgan, another of the partners in our Mesothelioma Claims Department, attended the event hosted by HASAG (Hampshire Asbestos Support and Awareness Group) in Portsmouth this afternoon.

Dr Lesley Bishop and Specialist Mesothelioma Nurse Ann Moylan released doves to remember those we have lost to mesothelioma and to recognise those who are living with this disease whilst HASAG raised over £1,000 in today's raffle.

Andrew Morgan says "We are delighted to be supporting HASAG again today, and salute them for the work they do. Support Groups do so much more than fight for compensation and law reform: being given a diagnosis of cancer is often a frightening and isolating experience. By breaking down this isolation and by giving emotional support when it is needed, support groups help mesothelioma patients live their lives to the full".

Caroline Pinfold says: "It's wonderful to see this level of support, we've been doing this for 5 years now and it still amazes me how dedicated and focused we can be when we come together for a good cause and remember those that have suffered mesothelioma".

FIeldfisher acts for mesothelioma sufferers across the country and beyond. We send a message of support to everyone taking part in today's events, across England and Wales

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