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A bike ride on the Thames?

Ambitious plans have been mooted for a floating cycle path on the River Thames. The path would link Battersea to Canary Wharf and would be approximately 8 miles long. It's been dubbed the "Thames Deckway" and uses renewable energy sources to keep it well lit at night. The cost of the project is estimated at £600 million and cyclists would be charged a flat rate of £1.50 to use it. This is not the first futuristic plan for cycling in London that has been cited this year, in January it was reported that Sir Norman Foster had proposed a Skycycle plan which would see the construction of 220km of elevated car-free cycle paths above rail routes in London at an estimated cost of around £8-10 billion. By comparison the existing plans to develop two key cycle superhighways north-south and east-west across London along with upgrades for existing superhighways and modifications to dangerous junctions in London.

It's good to see that major architects are looking at how they can make London safer for cyclists and that this has now become very much a mainstream issue of debate for Londoners. Whichever plans are adopted, we hope they are implemented as quickly as possible but give ultimate consideration to the safety of cyclists.

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