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Case Study

North West Anglia Trust admits breach of duty for woman suffering near-fatal sepsis

Partner Jane Weakley and Chartered Legal Executive Gabriella Gooday secured an admission of liability from North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust on behalf of a client who had to have multiple toes and fingers amputated following near-fatal, undiagnosed sepsis at Peterborough City Hospital.

The Trust admitted that had proper care been provided, the claimant would have been diagnosed with pneumonia, admitted into hospital and treated with antibiotics. She would then not have suffered multi-organ failure and severe blood clots caused by septic shock which led to necrosis of her fingers and toes.

The claimant originally went to Peterborough City Hospital on Christmas Eve with breathing problems and abdominal pain after a period of diarrhoea. An ambulance was called and she was found to be tachycardic and was taken to A&E where she was diagnosed with muscular strain and discharged home. No blood tests or a chest X-ray were performed.

Her condition worsened and she was readmitted to the hospital three days later in septic shock. She was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit and was put onto a ventilator. She also required renal replacement therapy. Her condition continued to deteriorate and, by now critically ill, she was transferred to Papworth Hospital and put onto life support. She was eventually sent back to Peterborough City Hospital a month later and, following weeks of rehabilitation, was finally discharged home at the beginning of May.

During her stay in hospital, she had several toes on both feet and her middle fingers amputated and is faced with the threat of further problems with her bones. Although she is able to walk unaided, she needs help from her husband with every day activities and had to have her house adapted to accommodate her.

She has been able to return to work as a teacher but uses an electric wheelchair outside and at work. She continues to suffer with nightmares and poor mood.

Once instructed, Jane secured admission of breach of duty from the Trust and interim payment to fund much-needed equipment and therapies while she calculates full settlement. A letter of apology from the Trust will follow.

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