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Case Study

More than £5 million for girl brain injured in car accident

We were instructed by the parents of a young girl who had been involved in a very serious road traffic accident and suffered severe brain damage.

Our client was 14 when Jill Greenfield was instructed. This was 12 years after the accident had occurred.

The matter had been pursued for 12 years previously by alternative solicitors who had not brought it to a successful conclusion.

At the time of instruction our client was attending a school that a number of experts felt did not meet her needs.

Before our instruction, an agreement had been entered into with the defendants that our client would not move their daughter to another school before a hearing in relation to her education needs had taken place before the High Court.

There was effectively an injunction in place that meant our client could not move schools.

We felt this tactic was being used by the defendants to ensure that they would not have to pay the cost of specialist school fees, which would inevitably be more expensive.

When Jill took over the claim she challenged the view that our client was not allowed to move schools.

The day before the case was due to go on trial the defendants agreed to lift the court order preventing our client from changing schools.

They also agreed to provide an interim payment of £50,000. This allowed us to move our client to a more suitable school that provides high-quality education, therapy and care but which specifically takes into account her acquired brain injury.

Our client is very happy at her new school and the indication is that she is making excellent progress.

In addition, in just over a year from instruction, the matter was brought to a successful conclusion.

Our client received, when capitalised, a sum in excess of £5 million.

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