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Case Study

Lung cancer proven to be caused by asbestos in heavy smoker

We have won £84,000 in compensation for Earl, a 67 year old man from Hayes who contracted lung cancer after being exposed to asbestos dust when working as a labourer for Cape Building Products Limited in the 1960s.

During his 18 months at Cape Building Products, Earl was heavily exposed to asbestos dust in the course of his work. His tasks included handling sacks of raw asbestos which he was required to open and empty out.  

Generally it is very difficult to prove the connection between lung cancer and asbestos exposure where the sufferer has not first contracted asbestosis. In this case Earl had also smoked heavily for most of his adult life, making it even harder to establish the connection.

We were able to negotiate a settlement from Cape Building Products’ insurers with the help of a medical report proving that asbestosis does not need to be present for a patient’s lung cancer to be attributed to asbestos exposure. Earl received a settlement £84,000 in compensation which took into account a deduction of 17.5 % to reflect his history of smoking.

Earl’s son said:

“I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of my father and myself, to thank the firm for the professional and sympathetic way they have dealt with our claim. On a personal note, I would like to thank Field Fisher Waterhouse for making such a big difference to our situation."

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