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Case Study

Husband pursues claim after doctors fail to identify fatal brain tumour

In June 1995, Felicity started suffering from severe headaches, photophobia (sensitivity to light) and vomiting. She consulted her GP and King George Hospital on several occasions and after a short trial of painkillers, her GP referred her to Dr Jones.

Felicity's symptoms suggested raised intracranial pressure but Dr Jones diagnosed migraine.  Two days later, on 29 June 1995, Felicity had an episode of confusion at work and attempted to smash up a computer.

Felicity's GP contacted Dr Jones and asked him to see her again. He saw her that evening and was told of her worsening physical symptoms. He considered there was an element of anxiety and changed her medication but again did not request a CT scan.

On July 3, Felicity was seen by Dr Jones in his NHS clinic at the King George Hospital. 

Dr Jones added another drug to her medication and arranged a routine CT scan for 19 July 1995 but did not request an urgent CT scan.

Eleven days later Felicity had a seizure and was taken to hospital. The hospital noted that it was important to exclude a space occupying lesion, however again no CT scan was carried out.

Felicity continued to have symptoms of disorientation, vomiting and lethargy but no action was taken by the doctors until 17 July 1995 when Felicity had a cardiac arrest. She did not regain consciousness and was certified as brain stem dead on 20 July 1995.

Our expert evidence contended that had surgery been performed before the evening of 16 July 1995, Felicity would have recovered.

Sadly, the tumour which she had (a glioblastoma multiforme) carried a poor prognosis and the likelihood is that she would have died from its recurrence within 18 months in any event.

Despite this advice, Felicity's husband Mark wanted to pursue the claim. Proceedings were issued on 20 July 1998 and served on 6 August 1998. Both defendants denied liability.

Following exchange of expert evidence, we made an offer to settle in the sum of £16,265 which was accepted by both defendants.

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