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Case Study

£505,000 compensation for work accident

Richard Earle recovered compensation for our client who was injured in a work accident in 2003.

Christian was at work in Kent on the day of the accident. He worked as a technician supervisor and was told by other members of staff that a hydraulic pipe on one of the machines was broken and was spouting oil.

As Christian went to turn off the machine he slipped on the oil that had spilled on the floor and suffered an injury to his back.

At the A&E department of West Middlesex University Hospital Christian was examined and prescribed painkillers. An x ray revealed no abnormalities but over the coming weeks Christian back pain worsened.

He had an MRI and a CT scan, which showed spinal fusion. Further investigations were carried out at West Middlesex University Hospital where he underwent further spinal x-rays and a CT scan and MRI scan were also recommended. Further treatment at the Charing Cross and Ealing Hospitals ensued. Investigations revealed that Christian had a spinal condition known as a pars interarticularis defect leading to spondyolysis. There was a material issue between the spinal consultants for the parties whether this was pre-existing or caused by the accident. Christian ultimately underwent spinal surgery in 2009.

Richard Earle investigated a personal injury case for Christian. We alleged that he has been left with disability that has prevented him from working.

He required considerable care which was provided by his family, primarily his wife. However his symptoms were ongoing and developing throughout this matter. They also changed substantially after his operation in June 2009.

Following lengthy negotiations with the defendant solicitors a settlement of £505,000 was agreed, which Christian was happy to accept.

The case was funded on a no win no fee basis.

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